Funfair Architectures

Let’s continue with some other visual sections such as “Wonder World”. In this case, with nice and fresh pictures from the Corpus Christi funfair in Granada. 

If a factory is a ruin of the contemporary productive scenery, inherited from the industrial era, funfair attractions are an analogical ruin of leisure in the digital era. But do not get me wrong, when I say ruin I mean it from the cultural heritage point of view and from an absolute claim of their use and validity, never understanding them as a dead device. I think that in the future, amusement parks (and fairs as a nomad sub-product), together with shopping malls, will be regarded as one of the few space inventions of the 20th Century. I find incredible how it all moves, gets dismantled and transported every week while we are not even able to generate a flexible city.

Text by Subterritorios
Translation by Guillermina Lozano

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