Dissected Landscapes

Within the section "Architecture Without Architects", and thanks to Geoff Manugh’s blog, we get to know Alan’s Wolfson’s work, a US artist who creates miniature mock-ups recreating real New York sceneries.
"Canal Station Cross Section" by Alan Wolfson.

I am interested in his work for many reasons: in one hand, he generates dissections of real landscapes giving them a cumulative character.  This way, he crystallises situations already fluctuating, revealing the globality of landscapes that were usually were perceived partially. Somehow it reminds me of those photographic landscapes in Blade Runner that were able to spin and penetrate in spaces as if the capture was in three dimensions. Roughly, Wolfson’s work is 3D photography that creates devices to be observed from three different points of view. 

"Canal Station Cross Section" by Alan Wolfson.

Secondly, as a process, his work leads to a further reflexion regarding the complexity that entails the semiotic of a landscape and at the same time, it re-evaluates a contemporary landscape’s patrimony. Wolfson’s work emerges from his admiration of the commercial landscape, US’s landscape patrimony.
One element of such patrimony is the “diner”, tho which Wolfson dedicates part of his work. These diners are well introduced in the contemporary cinematographic subconscious and on top of that, they are a fading landscape. 

"Lor-Al Diner" by Alan Wolfson.

Knowing that diners are endangered landscapes, I never thought that during my first trip to New York I would bump into one of them. Just in front of Storefront of Architecture, 114 Kenmare Str., I came across "The Corner Deli" where they served incredible burritos. The story does not end up here, one month later, while re-watching Jim Jarmusch’s movie “"Una Noche en Tierra" , 1991 (hugs, Jim Jarmusch), I happened to watch a diner on a scene called The Corner Deli. I immediately paused the movie, zoomed the screen and there it was, Kenmare Str. could be read from the corner sign. I did not only find a wonderful space but I had just done a genealogy of it.
Top, "The Corner Deli" in present-day NY, botton, "Night on Earth" of Jim Jarmusch, in the dirty NY of 1991.

Text by Subterritorios.
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Translation by Guillermina Lozano